The Prehistories of New Media:
1965 to the Present
2005.02.28: 04. realtime


title: Participation TV
dvr: Nam June Paik
date: 1982
format: [installation/system/artware/hardwareHack]

title: Expanded Cinema
dvr: Gene Youngblood
date: 1970
format: book

title: Reel Time
dvr: Annabel Nicolson
date: 1973
format: [expandedCinema/projectorPerformance]

title: Violin Power
dvr: Steina
date: 1970-78
format: [video/performance/artware]

title: nato.0+55
dvr: netochka nezvanova, NN, antiorp, integer, =cw4t7abs, 0f0003.MASCHIN3NKUNST
date: 1999
format: artware

title: Questioning the Frame hyperthreads
dvrs: Coco Fusco + various
date: 2004
format: discourse